A wonderful place! My daughter has learned so much in the past few months she has been there. The staff is amazing. You can tell they are very passionate about teaching the children. They truly act like a family and it's great to see that. My daughter absolutely loves going to school there!

Jessica Baker Lmt

My daughter had the privilege to attend both Centers and is enrolled currently in the pre-k program at Gennesse St. I can not say enough about this program she has learned so much already in i'm positive she will greatly benefit from it when she is school age. The staff members at BOTH centers are the best in make it easy to trust them with your kids.

Nesha Billins

How many toddlers are bummed to hear it's Saturday and we're not going to school?? My son's favorite part of the week is "Cooking With Miss Moo." He loves telling us about what he cooked and wants to try out recipes at home. Thank you GSCC for creating a positive, FUN and safe place for our children to learn and grow.

Jenn Compton

My only regret about the GSCC staff is that I didn't send my kids there sooner! The staff is amazing and so caring, I couldn't ask for a better place to bring my kids.

Danielle Blum

The Genesse Street and Court Street Children's Centers provide the best child care available. The staff is both caring and experienced. Your kids will love it!

Andrea Grace

My daughter has been attending the Genesse St Children's Center since February. We absolutely love it there, and the staff is amazing. She started off in day care program and is now in pre-k program. She has learned so much from being there such a short time! Again, amazing, loving and caring staff!

Jenn Spinella

Ever since my first experience with Genesse Street Children's Center which was a little over 3 years ago, I have been completely happy and have NEVER had an unpleasant experience! Most importantly, my children have been nothing but HAPPY here! I started off by sending my almost 6 year old son there. He was just under 3 at the time. He has moved onto kindergarten and now my daughter goes there and has been there since February. The staff there is what makes this center so very special. They have all treated my children like family. I feel completely comfortable dropping them off here and I can leave with peace of mind and no worries at all that they will be very well taken care of!

This center fits what most parents needs are. What was really important to me was that they take children at 2 1/2 years of age and even if they are not fully potty trained. Most places require children to be potty trained. Also they have a full day program. Whether you need half day or full, before school or afteracere, pre k or daycare: this program is a one size fits all! Miss Alison, Miss Munira, Miss Alivia, Miss Katherine and now Mr. Ryan have all been wonderful! They are like our 2nd family!

Rianna Lazzaro

I searched the area for a preschool/daycare program for my son. I felt immediately comfortable and was immediately impressed with the Genesee Street Children's Center. The staff is amazing; they create such a loving and nurturing environment for children to learn and play in. My son is now in his second year at The Children's Center and he is thrilled about it! GSCC has been the perfect fit for us!

Katie Pacilio

Amazing staff, kind, caring, and the structured program is well appreciated. Good daycare is hard to find but I know when I go to work all 4 of my children are well taken care of. A big Thank You to the Court Street location staff for a job well done!

Jenna Kilts

My son attends, and from day one the staff has always made me feel like I was dropping my son off with family. Huge props to Brittany, Nicole, Jamie and everyone else who makes this place a warm, homey, fun and safe place for kids to play and learn. Thank you!

Andrew G Topham